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About my Start-up

alchemia-nova is driven by an ambitious vision, to create a world where all resources are truly valued and preserved, contributing to circularity and regeneration. In pursuit of this cause, alchemia-nova markets high-impact nature-based solutions (NBS) (wastewater treatment, landscaping and greening) and circular economy (CE) consultancy services, directly to businesses corporations, agriculture, cities, municipalities and regional planners. Relying on core competencies in circular economy applications and nature-based technologies, alchemia-nova is positioned to explore systems for losing resource loops through the return and re-valorisation of all sorts of by-products (often formerly referred to as waste). With a highly specialised research and development team supported by an interdisciplinary team of engineers, biologists and environmental scientists, alchemia-nova applies systemic, and often unconventional solution, and has gained reputation as reliable project partner and consultancy service provider. As such, alchemia-nova are certain contenders for recognition as a “first contact point” for circular economy in Europe, driving public awareness of environmental issues, the co-creation of systemic approaches and the development of circular business models for the establishment of symbiosis across communities, companies and people. The company’s value is based principally on a broad range of specialised know-how, providing a solid foundation for ongoing product development and driving consultancy services. The recent shift in focus towards the commercial marketing of our consultancy services and green wall technologies has opened realistic investment opportunities, boosting the income potential of the company.

Why your idea is a “winner"?:

We hold the keys to this incredible market which will actually have a positive impact on the future of the planet!

What is your current or intended business/revenue model?:

Base finance is provided by ongoing funded projects
Consultancy services assessed for level of complexity and charged at hourly rate
Wastewater treatment technologies marketed on servitisation model

Do you have any Patent or IP registered (related to the solution that you are looking for an investment)?:

Yes, our wastewater treatment technology is patented, and the consultancy services are based on our in-house knowledge base.

Has your technology already been implemented in any field/sector?:

Yes, our technologies and consultancy services have been applied at demonstration and market level.

Which market and customer need(s)/problem(s) is (are) your products(s)/service(s) going to solve?:

The increased interest in ecological matters resulting from climate change, and the raised awareness of the limitation of the planet's resources, especially as regards fossil fuels, scarce elements and water, has driven a search for better water management systems, resource recovery and renewable, sustainable and alternative energy sources. The general public is today more likely interested in the benefits and impact of nature-based technologies as they become more aware of their water & air quality and increasingly turn to circular economy principles to maximize material life cycles.
Stakeholders impacted by the solutions alchemia-nova has to offer range from private individuals, agriculture, cities and government administrators. They all stand to benefit from the improvements of their ecological footprint, wastewater treatment, increased biodiversity, and CO2 savings.

TRL 9 – actual system proven in operational environment (competitive manufacturing in the case of key enabling technologies; or in space)
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