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At Greentech Innovators we are upcycling organic waste like food waste into protein and omega- 3 oils by using biotechnology to produce fertilizer that in turn is used for microalgae fermentation.

Why your idea is a “winner"?:

Our solution is reducing GHG by waste management and we are upcycling food waste into omega- 3 oils and protein that are in global demand. Omega- 3 oils are basically suplied vial fish oil and fish oil production can not grow as global fish stocks are utilized. The only way to increase omega-3 production is vial microalgae production.

What is your current or intended business/revenue model?:

We are getting paid a gate feefor the raw material we use, the food waste and can sell the microalgae biomass to aquaculture feed companies.

Do you have any Patent or IP registered (related to the solution that you are looking for an investment)?:

For now our solution is a trade secret.

Has your technology already been implemented in any field/sector?:

We have lab scale production of the growth media and we have sales agreement with a waste mangement company. We have connection with feed companies i n the aquaculture industry to test our product when we have pilot production.

Which market and customer need(s)/problem(s) is (are) your products(s)/service(s) going to solve?:

We can offer waste companies a more sustainable waste solution reducing GHG compared to traditional waste solutions like, landfills, incineration, composting or bio-gas production. The final product microlalge containing omega-3 oils and protein can be sold to the aquaculture feed market substituting fish oil and soy as a sustainable feed source.

TRL 4 – technology validated in labTRL 5 – technology validated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies)
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