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About my Start-up

MOA is a B2B platform for healthy and sustainable ingredients obtained by food by-product’s valorisation through fermentation process optimised with our own artificial intelligence tool. Our ingredients, framed within the alternative protein market, have a higher nutritional profile than other plant-based ones, as well as technological properties of great interest to the food industry, such as foaming, gelling and emulsifying activities.
At MOA, we believe that the food industry can meet the demands of our growing population without jeopardising our future. Currently, agricultural expansion is responsible for 80% of deforestation, 77% of which is used as animal feed. In addition, the food industry is responsible for 24% of GHG emissions. With a population of 10 billion people expected by 2050, global protein demand will increase by 70%, while resource extraction can only increase by 10%.
So, at MOA, we valorise food by-products and reintroduce them into the food chain to provide a 100% sustainable product to replace animal and plant-based protein, not only because we don’t need to extract more resources from the environment, but also because it allows us to reduce the impact of food industry waste on ecosystems and its own efficiency.
From the by-products, we create cheap and sustainable culture media and ferment them using one or more of the microorganisms in our library. Using an artificial intelligence tool of our own creation, we choose the right microorganism for the by-product and the client’s needs, saving research time.
The result is a microbial biomass that we can sell directly or treat to select the necessary technological properties or composition.

Why your idea is a “winner"?:

MOA was created to solve the biggest challenges society is currently facing, and the solution it proposes combines two of the most promising tools of our time: artificial intelligence and biotechnology, in a clear example of the circular economy.

Fermentations, a family of processes as old as civilisation itself, but now flourishing and with unlimited possibilities, use the great diversity of biology to degrade waste, transform raw materials and produce high-value compounds, while artificial intelligence allows us to optimise the conditions of these processes, reducing in vitro tests to a minimum and replacing them with in silico biofactories.

In this way, we achieve a solution capable of replacing a large part of the current production model and improving its efficiency, but also of competing with similar alternative protein production companies, not only in terms of cost and quality, but also in terms of the versatility of our process and the agility of our R&D activity.

For all these reasons, we believe that MOA is a "winner" idea: for our social and environmental commitment, our circular approach, our innovative character and the potential of our project to change the world.

What is your current or intended business/revenue model?:

Currently, our activity is based on the research and development of new processes adapted to companies seeking to upcycle their by-products, either to use the new products obtained in their own processes or to sell them to food companies. Our revenues will come from our I+D+i projects and from the sales of licensed ingredients produced by our clients.
However, our aim is to start industrial production at the end of 2022. From this point on, our revenues will come both from sales of our product and from licensing our valorisation processes and ingredient production.

Do you have any Patent or IP registered (related to the solution that you are looking for an investment)?:

For us, intellectual property is one of the pillars of our company, as we base our value on the research we carry out. For this reason, we have been working towards obtaining patents for our process, for which we are in contact with advisors with extensive experience in the sector. As we have not applied for any patents so far, we rely on other mechanisms such as non-disclosure agreements and industry secrecy for the time being.

Has your technology already been implemented in any field/sector?:

Our technology, as a method of revalorising food by-products, has been applied: on a laboratory scale, in the bakery and Italian pasta sectors, breweries and vegetable oils, and on a pilot scale, for the moment it has only been tested with molasses from the sugar industry.
On the other hand, only one of the prototypes we are working with has been tested in food industry processes, producing an interesting meat analogue through its inclusion in a soya matrix, providing improved flavour and texture.
Finally, our artificial intelligence tool has already been tested to accelerate our R&D processes, reducing the time from six months to two weeks, with excellent results.

Which market and customer need(s)/problem(s) is (are) your products(s)/service(s) going to solve?:

Market: Alternative Proteins
- Healthy, sustainable and cheap protein source.
- Waste management and treatment costs.
- Food ingredients with technological properties.

Team members
Susana Sánchez SCO & Co-Founder

PhD in Microbiology, extensive experience in Pharma, Cosmetic and Food product development.

José María Elorza CFO and Co-Founder

Bachelor Degree in Law and Business Administration by CUNEF. Experience in Merging and Adquisitions. Previous experience in entrepreneurship projects.

TRL 7 – system prototype demonstration in operational environment
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