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About my Start-up

SPG Innovation deliver innovative sustainable nutrition, meeting the trends and needs of today without being detrimental to the future of the planet.
We are currently focussed on a technology which will allow co-streams from food production to be processed into higher value nutritious plant based food. Using local supply chains for a local market. Our technology will enable food producers to maximise co-products and waste streams to create plant protein based products.
We are based in Nottingham, UK and have developed a range of food ingredients from co-streams such as oil seed cake (e.g. hemp) which can be used by food manufacturers, food service or brands. We are also developing a consumer range to showcase the ingredients which will move plant based proteins away from meat mimicry such as sausages and burgers by developing new concepts to replace but not pretend to be meat.
We are a small team with a food grade laboratory and plenty of food science and culinary experience.

Why your idea is a “winner"?:

We plan to revolutionize the way we view plant based proteins. Moving away from the traditional meat mimicry using soy, pea and wheat isolates to a wider variety of crops. This can be used for the traditional plant based products (sausages, burgers etc) but our vision is to create a new way to eat these products which is healthy, tasty and sustainable. We want to celebrate the plants and vegetables going into our products rather than hide them. We want to demonstrate that there is a new eating experience with a range of new ingredients. Our B2C range will showcase this.
We aim to make a global difference by enabling local farmers to process their proteins into nutritious products for human consumption and use the entire plant. This is our long term vision to ensure that food waste and monocropping can be reduced and health of the products sold globally is improved.

What is your current or intended business/revenue model?:

The business model will rely on product sales initially. B2B will deliver the first sales via distributors whom we are already in discussion with. The B2C brand will follow but likely to be a smaller % of the revenues.
Eventually a global model will involve the technology being licensed out to manufacturers to use local protein co-streams to produce protein for the local market on a global scale.

Do you have any Patent or IP registered (related to the solution that you are looking for an investment)?:

None at present. IP will be registered on completion of our proof of content trials.

Has your technology already been implemented in any field/sector?:

The use of TVP is well known in the food industry and the plant based meat sector has been built up around this technology. However, our use of the technology to use co-products and whole ingredients to produce TVP is new and has not been used previously. This will open up the sector beyond the small number of protein isolates currently in use to enable healthier more environmentally friendly ingredients to be used.
We intent to use local protein sources to supply local markets on a global scale. In this way reducing the impact plant based meats, monocropping and transportation of TVP is having on the environment, making plant based proteins a truly environmentally friendly alternative to meat.

Which market and customer need(s)/problem(s) is (are) your products(s)/service(s) going to solve?:

We are focussed on producing solutions for the plant based protein food market. Currrently, the overwhelming majority of plant based products are produced using soy, pea or wheat protein isolates in textured vegetable proteins (TVP). This has issues for the taste of the product, the environment (monocropping, use of amazon to grow soy) and the health of consumers. We aim to bring other plant based proteins to market, not using isolates but using co-streams and feedstocks which are closer to whole ingredients. This is to widen the range of ingredients available, improve the nutrition and improve the taste.
We are focused on providing solutions for customers such as ingredient distributors, food service providers and manufacturers in the form of a raw ingredient to be added to products. We are also launching a consumer brand to showcase the ingredients we produce.
A recent roadmap produced by UKRI on the future of alternative proteins highlighted the need to develop alternatives protein sources, including plant based.

TRL 4 – technology validated in lab
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