Foodvalley NL is an independent international organization that works together which accelerate the global transition to a sustainable food system. It initiates the process to achieve breakthrough innovations that individual entities cannot realize on their own.

Business Upper Austria is the government’s location agency in the region. It is an innovation driver offering customized solutions for its customers’ investment and innovation projects.
They also help steer economic and research policy.

KM ZERO is the coordinator of the open innovation and strategic investment program KMZERO venturing. This program seeks to support startups that are developing solutions for the challenges of the food sector, thus promoting its consolidation.

Esade Creapolis is the only innovation park created by a business school. This is a meeting point for talent, knowledge, and organizations of a different nature, thus facilitating access to scientific and academic activity.

Genopole is a research hub for genomics and life sciences. It energizes the growth of biotechnologies by creating innovative businesses and accompanying them. It also organizes scientific events in the bio-economy sector.

Bio-economy For Change is a leading French Cluster that gathers over 400 members from across the entire bio-based value chain. Among these members, there are agricultural cooperatives, research institutions, universities, companies of all sizes, and public stakeholders.

Tecos offers a wide range of solutions to develop new ideas and optimize production processes. Their engineering services cover all aspects to ensure quality, increase the efficiency of processes, and assess cost viability.

Paper Province is a world-leading business cluster within the forest bio-economy.
Based in Sweden and connected worldwide, it gathers more than 120 companies that work together to achieve sustainable developments.

BioVale is a non-profit company that aims to strengthen the circular bioeconomy by supporting bio-based innovations and businesses. Its goal is to stimulate economic growth and support the UN sustainable development goals.

CLIB is an international cluster that gathers stakeholders from the biotechnology and bio-economy sectors. Its members shape the cluster’s interests and activities, working to promote industrial biotechnology sustainability.

ITC Innovation Technology Cluster is a non-profit Business Support Organization located in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia. Its goal is to foster cross-sectoral innovation and implementation of novel technologies and ICT in rural-based sectors.

Natureef brings together Polish leaders in the packaging, chemical, and food production sectors that introduce new technologies, implement joint research and development projects, and care for the natural environment.

Circular bio-economy cluster focuses on marine, agriculture, and waste-to-value thematic areas, promoting the circular bio-economy. It supports its members in their research and development.

Spring cluster has the objective of triggering the development of biobased industries in Italy, through a holistic approach. The purpose is to stimulate research and investments in new technologies, staying in constant dialogue with the main actors of the sector.

ILVO is a scientific research institute of Flanders Government that works on the sustainability of agriculture, fisheries, and the agri-food sector. ILVO’s work is strongly anchored in Flanders and extends from there to the rest of the world.

ValBiom stimulates sustainable initiatives integrating the production of biomass and its valorization. It realizes the diagnosis of projects, gives advisory support, and connects stakeholders among them.

ÖKOSOZIALES FORUM is an independent platform for the development of eco-social actions. It is not only a “hub” committed to the implementation of this sustainable economic and social model but also a platform for scientific and political exchange.

Green synergy cluster mission is to promote, identify and realize different energy efficiency projects, thus contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The cluster wants to position itself as an innovative brand for green energy solutions and services.

UPTEC is a meeting point between different disciplines, contexts, and experts. It fosters the creation and development of business projects in the arts, sciences and technologies, through sharing knowledge between the university and the market.

Innov’Alliance cluster supports innovation and business growth in favor of a more sustainable and technological agriculture. It also promotes sustainable production processes and products with better sensorial characteristics.

Allied Ambassadors

BioCampus Straubing GmbH is a business development company focused on the industry of renewable raw materials and the bio-economy. Its business development instruments aim to support the creation of new business and their growth.

Valorial is an agri-food cluster from northwest France that gathers 360 members. It works in 5 strategic areas: 1) Nutrition & health; 2) Quality & safety; 3) Manufacturing, processing & preservation technologies; 4) Functional ingredients, and 5) Agricultural and agri-food marketing.

BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies GmbH is a K1 Competence Centre that closes the gap between academic research and industrial technology development by undertaking applied researches and developments in the fields of bioenergy, the sustainable bio-based economy, and future-proof energy systems.

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