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    Organization legal form:
    Limited Liability Company (B.V.)

    What is my fund looking for?:

    We look for startup companies with an inspiring team which aim to make a positive, global impact on society. Main criteria are the following:
    * Strong management with the ability to sail through bad weather
    * Breakthrough proprietary technology with proof of principle
    * Ability to demonstrate the market potential in global markets
    * Strong growth ambition
    * Credible business model
    * Exit horizon within 7 years
    * Fit with the Brightlands ecosystem

    Short description about my fund:

    Brightlands Venture Partners Fund IV invests in renewable chemistry, agrifood and health. We support innovative companies which fit the ecosystem of the Brightlands campuses and which are located in Benelux or NRW (Germany). We invest from early stage (if need be) through to exit. Typical initial investment size is € 500k-€ 1 mln, total investment up to € 4 mln per company. We have intimate know how of our investment fields and have a deep network which we use to support our portfolio companies.

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