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About my Start-up

Montinutra is a biorefinery startup from Finland. We develop and produce natural biochemicals from forest industry side streams. We manufacture polysaccharides, lignins and fibers using natural water based extraction technology – no harsh modification or complex handling of chemicals. Together with downstream partners, we develop novel applications targeting the cosmetic and polymer chemistry domains. The polysaccharides are already used as cosmetic ingredients in hair care as well as a backbone for biolatex dispersion. Such uses have a billion €-scale market potential to replace synthetics in coatings, adhesion and paints. Further, our natural non-sulphuric lignin makes a cosmetic ingredient with SPF boosting capabilities, but also a novel antioxidant and combined with the polysaccharides as a glue ingredient. Our fibers are utilized as composite materials and absorbers. Our feedstock comes from forest industry side streams of the saw and pulp mills, consisting typically of saw dust and bark. The feedstock and process is scalable to other geographies as well. We currently operate at a pilot plant level in Finland with first paying customers as well as ongoing industrial pilots and proof-of-concepts. Our plant has proven the technology at TRL7, and we are able to provide small commercial activities and most importantly industrial piloting and development. Our process consists of hot water extraction and further fractionation and de-watering including e.g. membrane filtration. We currently operate at max output of 1000 kg / year of dry polysaccharides and lignin. Our industrial partner, Metsä Group, enables the scaling to an industrial demonstration at one of their saw mill locations. We are carrying out a pre-engineering of a full scale plant. We look for application development partners providing commercial proof for the markets, to convince the investors, as well as the investors to fund the pre-A and Series-A needs during 2023-2024

Why your idea is a “winner"?:

Our process uses water and energy - it is effective, natural, robust and technically ready for scaling in comparison to some other biorefinery concepts.
Our feedstock is available: 365 days, homogenous, industrially scalable.
We reduce the environmental footprint our our customers.

What is your current or intended business/revenue model?:

Sales to B2B partners and distributors of our raw materials.
B2B sales of raw materials under the Boreal Bioproducts brand to non-exclusive customers.
Technology licencing and joint ventures for feedstock and value chain growth.

Do you have any Patent or IP registered (related to the solution that you are looking for an investment)?:

Technologies utilized are commercially separately available and in public information.
Trade secrets and specific knowhow remains within the company and protected contractually.

Has your technology already been implemented in any field/sector?:

We operate a pilot level plant proving the technology at pre-industrial scale.
From the products point of view, the polysaccharides are already used as commercial ingredients in hair care.
In industrial pilots and POCs, the polysaccharides have been used for making biolatex dispersions.
Lignin-sugar compounds have been piloted in glues replacing PVA components.

Which market and customer need(s)/problem(s) is (are) your products(s)/service(s) going to solve?:

Renewable raw materials substituting fossil chemicals in
- Coatings, barriers, binders, adhesives
- Cosmetic film formers, foam boosters, SPF-boosters

Team members
Ann-Sofie Fonsen Development Director

Phd Chemistry
Mirka abrasives, phenolic glues

TRL 6 – technology demonstrated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies)
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