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About my Start-up

We are a Norwegian Biotech company adressing two global problems: increasing amounts of food waste and icreased demand for protein and omega 3 oils in feed as a result of a groqing aquaculture sector. We tranform low value food waste into a growth medium and use it to grow microorganism like microlagae and bacteria. Our fermentation technology that turns the waste into a nutrient rich medium has a very low carbon footprint compared to the existing methods for treating food waste – incineration, composting or biogas. The microalgae cultivation prosess has a negative footprint, meaning that the microalgal biomass we offer has a very low total climate footprint. The biomass can substitute scarce resources like fish oil and meal in fish feed offering the same nutrient qualities as the fish meal and oil.

Why your idea is a “winner"?:

We solve a huge problem- food waste contributing to emission of methane and carbon dioxide. We treat the waste into a responsible way by recycling molecules into valuable nutrients ,growing biomass in a environmentally friendly way and producing protein and omega 3 oils from it that are on very high demand.

What is your current or intended business/revenue model?:

Our intended revenue model:
We are getting revenues from the waste management companies for treating the waste our service will be cheaper than sending food waste to composting or biogas tretment.
We will also ger revenues from the microalgal biomass we grow.

Do you have any Patent or IP registered (related to the solution that you are looking for an investment)?:


Has your technology already been implemented in any field/sector?:

Fermentation is common in food sector and biotechnology.

Which market and customer need(s)/problem(s) is (are) your products(s)/service(s) going to solve?:

We address two markets. On one hand, the waste management market where we offer a method with a lower carbon foot print than the existing technologies. The other market is aquafeed in which critical ingredients like fish oil and meal are becoming scarce. We help both watse management companies and aquafeed producers become more sustainable.

Team members
Svetlana Lyngstad Project Manager

MBA Ecological economics, Master of Arts (M.A.) English
Procurement, Logistics and Project Managment Oil and Gas, Maritime Sector

Antonio Pagarete R&D Manager

MS Marine Biology, Ph.D. degree on the ecology and evolution of microalgae and viruses
R&D developer in algae biotechnology and green circular industries.

Ingmar Høgøy CEO

Chemical Engineer, BI Business Management
Protein recovery, biotechnology, process technology, feed, hydrolysis, new aquaculture species, fish health and project funding.

TRL 4 – technology validated in lab
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